Locations and resources

Locations Close to the University

Due to lack of sufficient space at the University, the Barthélemy Institute has installed its specialised library on the Rue des Alpes, in a room placed at its dispoosal by the Ursuline community. It consists of two desks for permanent researchers, as well as some places for guest researchers.

Institutional Structure

The Barthélemy Institute is an Institute of the Theology Faculty of Fribourg University. In this capacity, it is recognised by the Universisty (31 March 2009), by the State, through the Directorate of Culture and Sport of the Canton of Fribourg (1 July 2009), and globally through the laws of the University. However, the financial requirements of the Barthélemy Institute are assured through third party donors.

The assets of the Barthélemy Institute (a library acquired in addition to the trust funds of Barthélemy-Schenker) are placed in the «Bible, Cultural Patrimony» foundation under the auspices of the University authorities, the Dominican priories of Saint Albert and Saint Hyacinth, and the Reformed Evangelical Church of the Canton de Fribourg.

Financial Resources

The financial resources of the Barthélemy Institute come from donors. These are found among organizations, foundations and individuals interested in ecumenical biblical research (Jewish and Christian) on the text of the Bible.

Current resources permit the foundation Les ressources actuelles permettent à la fondation Bible Cultural Patrimoine d’assumer le financement d’un poste à 40%. L’objectif est d’assumer un poste entier à 100%.