Prof. Dr. Philippe Lefebvre

Prof. Dr. Philippe Lefebvre

Prof. Dr. Philippe Lefebvre, Dominican, Director of the Barthélemy Institute. He holds the French Chair of Old Testament at Fribourg University, and is the translator of 3 Kingdoms (1 Kings) in the Bible d’Alexandrie. He is active in the Bible de Jérusalem en ses Traditions project, and has responsibility for 1-2 Samuel.


Prof. Em. Adrian Schenker

Prof. Dr. Adrian Schenker

Prof. Em. Adrian Schenker, Dominican, Professor Emeritus of Fribourg University. He is president of the BHQ Editorial Committee, and editor of the books of Kings in this same project. He is a member of the Committee on Scholarly Editions of the German Bible Society and of the United Bible Socities.


Prof. Em. Yohanan Patrick Goldman


Yohanan Patrick Goldman, professor emeritus for Old Testament at the University of Fribourg Switzerland, and professor of Biblical Anthropology at the Institut Européen d'Études Anthropologiques « Philanthropos ». Member of the Editorial Committee of the New Biblia Hebraica of Stuttgart (BHQ), he is responsible for supervising the publication of a number of volumes in the process of publication. Yohanan Goldman is also editor of Qoheleth and co-editor of the Book of Daniel.


Prof. tit. Innocent Himbaza

MER. Dr. Innocent Himbaza

Prof. tit. Innocent Himbaza, Curator of the Barthélemy Institute. He teaches Old Testament and Hebrew at Fribourg University, and he is the editor of the book of Leviticus in the BHQ project. He is a member of the Committee on Translation Policy of the United Bible Socities.


MER. Dr. Philippe Hugo

Philippe Hugo

MER. Dr. Philippe Hugo Permanent Deacon. He is Senior Lecturer of the Old Testament at Fribourg University. His research is dealing with the earliest history of the books of Samuel and Kings (Masoretic Text, Qumran fragment, Septuagint and Vetus Latina). Moreover, he is Director of the Centre catholique romand de formations en Eglise.


Mary-Gabrielle Roth-Mouthon

Mary-Gabrielle Roth-Mouthon

Mary-Gabrielle Roth-Mouthon, Assistant to the Chair of Old Testament of Fribourg University. She is researching  a doctoral thesis which will clarify especially the textual value of the Samaritan Pentateuch of Fribourg.